Friday, November 22, 2013

5 on Friday

Five on Friday is just random thoughts. I'm linking up with the blogs above today. What 5 things are on your mind?

-Madison is still going great with her potty training. We have some hiccups here and there and she's not wanting to poop in the potty yet but that's to be expected. She has not had any accidents at school all week!

-I'm looking forward to our mountain trip coming up, now more than ever. I want to disconnect for a while.

-I'm so much more anxious to have Riley than I was to have Madison at this time in my pregnancy. Not that I wasn't excited to have Madison, I was, I was just so nervous to have Madison that I was scared how it was going to go. Now I know the procedure and what the pain felt like and all of that, I'm not so nervous about that. I am a bit nervous about if I go into labor at home, since I had to be induced with Madison. That makes me nervous :)

-We have our maternity session with the fabulous Carrie this weekend. She has done Madison's past 2 birthday parties and some other photo sessions with Madison. It was roughly 98 degrees the morning of our maternity session with Madison. This year it will be quite chilly! We are doing it at a strawberry/pumpkin farm. I'm hoping the trees still have leaves! I'm anxious to see what she has up her sleeve! I promise to not bring impossible Pinterest ideas, Carrie! :)

-I have that urge to nest. To clean the house from top to bottom. To get things organized and donated or tossed out. Then I sit down and get lazy. Argh!


  1. Aw, congrats on your potty training AND on a new baby-to-be! Stopping in from the link-up!


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