Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Long to-do lists

We have been crazy busy the past few weeks doing things around the house, getting ready for Madison's party and a ton of other errands, etc.

Last minute touches for Madison's party. I'm so glad we started early this year. Now to finish this project and to buy the food and we should be done!

Finally got 4 more frames added to our gallery wall going upstairs. I may switch the far left 8x10 with the far right 4x8. Not sure I'm loving that layout.

Our new bushes have grown about 6 times their size in 2 months! They are so pretty and have baby's breath looking flowers on them that you can't see here.

Our other flowers that we planted are doing really well. We stopped buying at Lowe's and started buying from a local nursery and it really shows. Mulch also seriously helps!

This has been Alan's project lately. The rocks are actually a reddish, brownish but it's not showing up great in the pic. We only bought a few rocks to make sure we liked it and we are loving how it looks.

 So Alan went out around 8:30 Friday night to buy 70 more bricks and more paver base to finish off around the front of the house. He finished it up on Sunday.

My latest favorite thing. I mentioned last week that we had got one that didn't work out. Well I found an over the door hook that's working great! A place to hang my purse, our keys and Madison's library book bag for returning books.

I redid our hanging baskets. I've never done vines or greenery in there but I'm loving it! The lady at the nursery helped me pick these out and they are really growing. See that thing on the right sticking out? That's new growth just in the past week.

Getting Madison ready for school tomorrow. We had a nice talk with one of Alan's friends who has sent her 3 kids there and she had great things to say about it. It's nice to hear encouraging words from someone who's experienced it. We had a parent tea on Monday to meet the teachers and get familiar with the class. It went really well and Madison really warmed up to the room after a few minutes. We also moved her from her original 3 days to all 5 days a week. Today was her last day of gymnastics, also. She will have music at school twice a week(and an additional time at a church music program we start in a couple of weeks) and gym once a week. I'm hoping she falls in love with it quickly!

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