Saturday, August 3, 2013

Summer is...

... eating breakfast on the porch while Madison plays in her sand/water table in her pjs.

Every now and then she will ask to "eat outside", grab her breakfast and head for the door. It's a nice change of pace and we try to do it once a week or so.

...working in the yard.
We yanked out all of those ginormous bushes that are covering half of the windows.

We replaced them with some smaller bushes that shouldn't get quite as big.

We are also in the process of pulling weeds. You can see here where we stopped. Thinking of putting a layer of newspaper under our mulch for weeds. thoughts? The purple tall flowers are our replacement bushes.

Here are the other replacement bushes. They have small white flowers on them. They were tiny when we got them about a month ago. All this rain has made them quadruple in size!

We also got some mulch delivered on Thursday. Can't wait to get this out and get the house looking presentable again. Sorry neighbors but it will likely be Saturday or Sunday before it gets put out.

...long to-do lists!
I got all of this list done yesterday except planning our trips that we have coming up. I'd say that was a good yet busy day! I now have another long to-do list. Nothing major though.

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