Friday, August 16, 2013

So busy!

These past few weeks have been so crazy! Our to-do lists have been crazy long here lately!
Here's what we've been up to..

We went on a great date night Saturday. With our birthday's being this week, I figured it'd be a great time to go out and celebrate. We went to a fantastic new restaurant that Royal told us about and then went to Target afterward to look at cribs. A big thank you to Alan's mom for babysitting just about all day Saturday while Alan worked and I had a massage and mani/pedi appointment and then she watched Madison while we went out that night.

Alan got step bars for his birthday thanks to gift cards. He got them put on yesterday and they look great. He got black and they really look good. I haven't rode with him yet but I know both I and my friend Amanda will appreciate it when we do ride in it.

Finally got some hooks for the laundry room. I bought a shelf with hooks yesterday but failed to realize that it has to go behind a door and it wouldn't work without banging the door. I returned it and got an over the door holder. Since we only have 2 accessible walls in there and both are behind doors, hopefully this will help to keep everything in one spot!

Finally got our mulch spread! Between Alan being out of town and the rain, we finally finished it Sunday night. We have since planted a bleeding heart plant near the 2nd shutter from the left. We realized we didn't have enough mulch so we now need a bit more. The front and back got done which is what people see :)

We've decided to border the mulch around the right side of the house. The left side has the sidewalk to border and the right side needed something. We bought one brick the other day to test it. I think it will look great! Alan has started digging a place for them to lay.

Alan installed a new Delta kitchen faucet Monday night. Ours was leaking so it needed to be done!

Alan moved his flags to the only wall space in our closet and Alan's brother got the kayak that has been in Riley's room. All we need to do is move the chair(or decide to keep it in for the rocker), paper shredder and litterbox. We've also been looking for curtains and artwork for her room.

 Buying Madison's school supplies, clothes and shoes! We got her list last week of tissues, sanitizer, glue sticks, and cardstock. She's also gone up a shoe size(5!) and she needs some Fall/Winter clothes so I've gotten her some shirts and pants along with 3 of the cutest shoes ever! A pair of Keens, Garanimals that look like Keens and pink Converse!

Getting ready for Madison's birthday party! We've made a long to-do list to get ready and have mailed her invitations, glued ribbon on the cupcake tower, ordered her cupcakes and cookies and made the menu. I've confirmed our photographer is coming(I booked her in May!) ordered balloons. I bought all of the supplies months ago and all we really need to buy is the food for that day! Last year I feel like we crammed everything into the last week so it feels nice to have a month to stretch it out over.

Our first week in September is just as busy with Labor Day, our surprise trip for our anniversary, Madison's birthday, her party, our anniversary and we start our joining classes on the 8th at church. We need a vacation! :)

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