Wednesday, August 14, 2013

19 weeks pregnant with Riley

Date: August 14

How far along - 19 weeks

Growing baby- Developing a protective coating over her skin, called vernix caseosa. It's greasy and white and you may see some of it at her birth. Working on her five senses. Nerve cells for her sense of taste, hearing, sight and smell are developing in her brain.

How big is your baby? size of a Mango

Symptoms- Nesting one day and exhausted the next. Some round ligament and side pains.

Weight-  111.4 lbs

Total weight gain/loss: Gained 1.4 pounds since last week.  1.6 lbs to go to get to pre-pregnancy weight of 113.

Belly measures- 31"

Craving- nothing really specific this week. Still loving salty foods like peanuts or chips. Staying really thirtsy.

Bought- a piece of canvas art and curtains for Riley's room. 3 maternity shirts with my birthday gift card. I got Riley 4 shirts, 2 pair of pants and Madison 2 pair of jeans and some rain boots.

 Done- Sanded her cubby to get ready to paint. We have been looking at and cribs.

 Looking forward to- Getting Riley's curtains and artwork hung and hopefully a crib this weekend.


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