Thursday, August 1, 2013

In July, I did....

-Comment on other blogs more.
I am leaving comments on a few of the blogs I follow. A handful of the ones I follow have thousands of followers and I will comment if something strikes my fancy. A few of those are DIY type blogs with some family stuff mixed in. I also follow a ton of coupon/saving blogs and I won't comment on those because there's nothing to say really. Now if I could get a reply in email when/if the person comments, that'd be great. How do you set that setting?

Nope. Big fail. I have walked a couple of times but I am vowing to do that for August. I'm feeling blah in that department.

-Work on Riley's room. 
Done! It's still a huge work in progress but I'm slowly selling some of Madison's out of season clothes online and getting Riley's stuff hung up. I will post more on this in a few days :)

-Work on Madison's 2 year book. 
I did upload some pictures for it. My computer is so slow, I get more aggravated doing it than not. I need to use Alan's computer to work on it and will start soon!

-Find and buy invitations to her party and figure out what in the world we're buying her.

Invitation part done! Last night, nonetheless, but we got it done! They will be here mid-August so be looking for them! As far as what we're getting her, I'm not sure. We have some ideas. I will be emailing out some ideas as well to those who've asked.

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