Thursday, August 8, 2013

Gender reveal game results :)

Yes, I'm about 3 weeks late announcing who guessed what. Here are the results :)

Crystal- boy
Alan - girl
Sherry(Crystal's sister) - girl
Debbie(Alan's mom) - boy
Rhobie(Alan's stepdad) - boy
Lauren(Crystal's friend) - girl
Amanda (Crystal's best friend)- girl
Amos(Alan's dad) - girl
Kari(Crystal's friend) - girl
Amy H(Crystal's friend) - boy
Lynn(Alan's aunt) - boy
April (Crystal's cousin) - boy
Windy (Crystal's cousin) - boy
Royal (Crystal's friend) girl

8 people guessed girl and 7 guessed boy!

My mom didn't put a guess in but she said she felt like it was a girl from the beginning (she also thought it was twins and I'm glad she was wrong on that one!)

Thanks for playing my little game! I will try to remember to put the results of the birthday, weight and height after Riley makes her grand entrance! People's guesses for the birthday range from December 30 to January 11! Her due date is January 8!

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