Monday, March 25, 2013

5 years

We moved in this house March 25, 2008. We had been married a year and a half. I moved into Alan's 800 sq ft townhouse when we got married and then we knew pretty right away that we wanted a family someday and that house wasn't big enough to hold us all(and have a dining room at the same time) 

Alan had the house on the market before we even started dating and we kept it on there after we got married. One day a lady called and said they were interested in it for their son who had just graduated college. They looked at it, fell in love, and wanted to move in a month later.

We looked at around 20 houses before settling on this one. I wanted an older Colonial type house with a nice kitchen, big bedrooms and a front porch. Alan wanted a newer, move in ready house that we didn't have to worry about. We both knew we wanted land.

While looking at houses one day, the realtor had a few MLS sheets in her back seat and I asked about this house. We looked at it and Alan fell in love. I wasn't sold on it as it didn't have the front porch and was just different than what I had envisioned. We kept looking at houses and nothing was fitting. This house just kept sticking out. It had the land(almost 3 acres), in the country, big rooms, a great view, a side garage and a great school district. We decided to make an offer and it was accepted. We had to move in with Alan's mom for a week since the previous owner is deceased and there was some issues on his end.

While we have an ever growing to-do list, we've come a long way.

Irrigation system and sod on the muddy hill
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New paint in every room but the bonus/play room!
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Getting our baby girl's room and bathroom ready!
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We've arranged and rearranged
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We've also:
-added tile backsplash in the kitchen
-painted and repainted the back deck
-added a 3rd wall to the deck(one side was completely open when we moved)
-added a fence for the dogs
-planted lots of flowers, bushes and trees
-built a raised garden
-bought lots of furniture
-turned our empty bonus room into a playroom

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