Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happy 18 months, Madison!

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She got her 2nd cold of her little life this month after our Tennessee trip at the end of the month. Fever, congestion, the works!It's latest a week already but luckily the fever only lasted 2 days. Finally after about 5 days of it, she started eating and acting like herself. There for a few days, she just wanted to lay on the couch watching tv which is very unlike her.

It's so hard to keep track of everything she's saying. After this month I will stop keeping track. Girl picks up about 20-30 words a month. Crazy!

Things she said in her 17th month:
Her version is in quotes.
"Baa baa"
"Quack quack"
Coffee "Cof"
Pocketbook "pockey"
Bath "Bat"
"Gone Gone"
"Hot Dog"
Vacuum "vackey"
Monkey "monk"
Medicine "Meds"
Nasty "Nast"
Poot "poop" (hehehe)
"all gone"

She does the funniest thing. When you say "eyebrows" she raises hers up. She will stop whatever she's doing and look at you to raise them. She also says "Cup" and you can see her play broom and  see how she loves to ignore me. See video below

She got her right bottom incisor this month for a total of 12 teeth!

She is now in 24 months/2T clothes, size 4 shoes(finally!) and size 4 diapers and size 5 at night.

She loves watching Mickey Mouse, Sesame Street, Dora and anything on Baby Channel.

 We've been really working with using a spoon this month. We also moved her little table from the play room to the kitchen so she can sit there for meals. She seems to love it.
Favorite toys this month was a big ball, a play broom and the popping toy that you push. I also bought her a sit and spin with Elmo on it and she loves playing on it and putting her toys on it and spinning them.

We are still doing gymnastics one day a week and story/music time at the library another day. She officially got accepted to weekday church school starting in August for 3 days a week/3 hours each day. We will likely stop going to the library once she starts school since she will have 4 activities a week and she will be getting that socialization from school that the library gives her. We are very excited for her about this.

I can't believe I am now saying "a year and a half" when someone asks me how old she is. In.sane. She has become such a little person. So smart and so very funny. She knows what she wants and doesn't want and isn't afraid to tell you "no" or pitch a fit when you don't give her something she does want. She seems to pick up on the strangest words. Words we don't even teach her. She thinks everything is blue, but then sometimes she will point at something blue and say it. I feel like she knows the color blue but also associates it with anytime we ask "what color is it?" Sometimes she will say "pink".. silly girl! She has gotten to where when I lay her down at nap time, she will stand up real quick, wave and say "bye bye" while blowing kisses. Seriously cute. She's now being sneaky. Grabbing something she's not supposed to and running, stopping and giving you the grin and then keep running. She still plays very well on her own and loves being outside. Even if it's freezing and she keeps saying "cold!" Loves it. I'm ready for Spring!

We love watching the person you become every day. Watching your hair get longer and how you look like me one day and your daddy the next. How you tower over kids your age(or even older) and are so good at sharing and saying "thank you" when someone gives you something. I love how you love suckers and won't take it out of your mouth until it's gone. How the sticky slobber drips down your arm, even though it's a mess cleaning it up, I know it's one of your favorite treats. How you love animal crackers, blueberries and bananas. How you won't drink your milk or eat anything too cold. We love how you say "hey" to everybody you see, and sometimes over and over and over again. We love that you love books. Of all the toys, you'd rather flip through a book or bring it to us to read it to you so you can point out the moon, cat, dog or horse. We are so sorry you were sick this month but we love how much of a trooper you were!(you get that from your mommy!) Stay little, baby girl, you're growing way too fast! Happy year and a half! We love you so much!

Now some pictures of our beauty.

My mom gave her these balls yesterday so I threw them in her pool and she had a lot of fun!

This was Monday. We went to my niece's and then went by to see my BFF. Madison woke up at 9:30 and knocked out as soon as she was in the car longer than 10 minutes! 

Found this adorable Minnie Mouse bathing suit coverup at the consignment sale. So cute.

Playing while I'm getting ready.

Fun times on the train in TN

Her favorite game. Puts something outside the door, closes it, repeats. Any door, any room. Even her play room where most of her toys are.


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