Saturday, June 25, 2011

Madison's room.

We have been busy little bees the past few weekends trying to get Madison's room ready. We are 90% there! We have to decide on art for the walls and a possible rug. Alan started by lowering her closet shelf since Big Foot built our house and put all shelves 7 feet tall. He got the shelf down, holes patched and I, against Alan's wishes, painted the closet white this morning. Alan got home from work around 11:30 and started assembling the glider we got last night while I was ironing the curtains and attaching a sunblocker to the back of them to help keep the sun out so she can nap in peace during the day! Once we got all coats of paint up and it was dry, Alan put up her shelf back up to where I can reach it. We then rearranged the room 5 times to figure out which layout we liked the best and decided on this one. This is what you see when you come in the door:
To the left of her crib is her closet. I washed all of her clothes, blankets, towels, hats and socks and anything else I could fit into the washer last weekend. The little size dividers on the rod help me to be able to eyeball what sizes are where. We got the 9 cubby storage unit last weekend to help with storing items I need handy. The top right drawer holds Newborn size onesies, the top middle holds Newborn sleepers, top left hold swaddling and receiving blankets. The 2nd row right drawer holds burping cloths, the middle and left drawers holds pants and shorts. The bottom 3 drawers are empty but I'm sure I'll find a use for them once she gets here!

This shoe organizer on the back of her closet door has been really helpful in keeping her socks, shoes, tights and hairbows organized. It also allows me to be able to see everything really quick without digging through drawers.

This cabinet is doubling as her changing table and is directly across from her crib. There are 3 drawers on the top. In the right drawer I have a couple of burp cloths to keep handy, the middle holds her little caps and the left drawer is empty but will soon fill up I'm sure! Her changing pad will go on top so it will fill up that space and in the white tote is diaper changing accessories like lotions, creams, powders, wipes and diapers. In the 2 cabinets are books, frames waiting on pictures and all of the cards we have received.

I also bought a new shower curtain, towels and the white vase to redo her bathroom, which is also the guest bathroom. I love it since it's so girly. We still need some kind of art to go on the wall beside the window but it'll do for now.The shower curtain has really pale pink roses embroidered on it.
The other side of the bathroom
We are also working on her bathroom closet and the hall closet. Alan will finish putting up a shelving unit in the hall closet tomorrow so we can move our extra linens and work towels from the bathroom closet to that closet. In the bathroom closet, we will have totes for Madison's blankets, her towels and washcloths, regular towels and washcloths and totes for any other things we want to keep organized. This nesting thing has it's benefits. Our house has never been so organized and clean!

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