Sunday, June 19, 2011

To Alan on Father's Day

Madison doesn't realize yet just how lucky she is to have you for her daddy. She doesn't realize how cute it is when you giggle every time you feel her moving or hiccuping. Or how involved you have been with helping me do things that I can't do anymore, without complaining. How you drop everything and make a cupcake run 15 minutes before the bakery closes, and you are 10 minutes away and in the middle of doing something. How much I loved it when the girl that cuts my hair told me recently that you always make a point to talk about her and ask questions about kids. How you didn't hesitate to taking 3 prenatal classes to learn things that I know will come natural anyway.

She doesn't realize how you wouldn't miss a doctor's appointment for all the money in the world because "I get to hear her heartbeat every time and that's enough reason to go." How he constantly asks if I'm too hot or if I'm comfortable or tired and to "Sit down and put your feet up" and "Don't lift that!" How everyday he asks if you have been moving around or will randomly ask "Is she awake?"

She doesn't realize the many questions you have for the doctor at our appointments and how involved in everything you are. Even down to decorating her nursery! She doesn't realize it yet, but I've picked the best daddy for her that I could find and how wrapped around her tiny little finger you are. But I promise to tell her, when she is old enough to understand, what an amazing dad you have been while I've been pregnant. But by then, she will already have figured it out on her own... I love you so, so much! Happy Father's Day!

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