Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Baby Shower - June 14

Alan's work had a huge shower for us yesterday at his work. We are overwhelmed with all of our gifts we got! Here's a pic of all the presents after we opened them. It took up 2 cafeteria tables. It also filled up my car and part of Alan's car!
A picture of us in front of the presents.
When we got home, I seperated all the gifts out into similar items. There wasn't an inch of floor showing until I started putting the items into baskets. Here's the breakdown of our nice presents:

Right stack is all diapers. 2 stacks beside those are all wipes! White wicker basket is full of bibs, pacifiers, bottles, bottle brushes, grooming kit and a healthcare kit. The pink bathtub is full of bathroom and diapering supplies like towels, washcloths, diaper cream, lotions, shampoos, body wash and bath toys

Sign made my Kathy V. It has Alan's picture, Madison's ultrasound and my picture.

Lots and lots of clothes! Probably 20 outfits total!
White basket full of toys, teethers and books. Her belly play mat, bouncer, crib wedge and bassinet/rocker.

Car & feeding items: Car seat support, mirrors, sun shades, water, bottle drying rack, spoon and bowls.


Baby memory book on the left and a snow cone machine with Cherry syrup to help me make it through the hot summer! I've already had a snow cone yesterday and today.

White laundry basket is full of toys, teethers and books. You can also see her bouncer, booster seat and the beige canvas tote is full of blankets and sheets

We also got lots of gift cards and cash, which is much needed to get those things that are left on our registry and items we will need after she comes. Thank you everyone so much for everything you did. We are so grateful and our little girl is so blessed to have you all in her life.

Her bedding also came in yesterday so I got it washed and ironed and put on her bed! Her crib is complete! I love it! It's so girly!

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