Sunday, June 12, 2011

More furniture for Madi!

Piece by piece, it's coming together! This is what we picked up today:

Her chest/changer/tv stand! We will put her changing pad on the top along with some type of diaper organizer to keep diaper changing essentials handy. Note the big pink bear. Alan saw this at Toys R Us and had to have it for her. It's huge! He looked real cute carrying it on his hip like he was carrying a child walking through the store....

A closeup. It has 3 drawers at the top. In the left, we will keep socks and tights. The middle will hold bibs, caps and hair bows and the right one will hold extra bottles of lotions/creams and wipes.
Each door also has a drawer in it too. We will keep burping clothes in one drawer, blankets underneath on the shelf and in the other drawer, I'm not sure :) And the shelf below has some books, her baby book and some other random things.We will get it all organized and rearranged 50 times I'm sure by the time she gets here and probably another 30 times after she gets here but the storage definately helps! It will also serve as her tv cabinet when she gets older, if it lasts that long! In the next 2-3 weeks we will order the glider and finish decorating her room! Her bedding should be here by July since it was backordered. Hopefully by mid July, her room will be complete!

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