Thursday, June 9, 2011

27 weeks

June 2-9

27 weeks!? In 13 weeks, we will, if things go as planned, have a daughter. Oh boy! That's a scary but overwhelmingly exciting thought. Online says that Madison should just now be close to 2 pounds in the 27th week but since she was 2 lbs 3 weeks ago, according to our ultrasound, I feel she's probably closer to 3 pounds by now! Does that mean I'm going to have a 12 pound baby? Oh goodness.... She measures around 14 1/2" from head to heel and is sleeping and waking in regular intervals, opening and closing her eyes and possibly sucking her fingers or thumb.

My back has been really hurting lately if I sit a long time. I am getting massages every 3 weeks that seem to help for about a week and then it starts back hurting. I also had to go buy more maternity clothes this week. I picked up a maternity dress, jeans and 2 other regular dresses that work as maternity dresses. Anyone that knows me knows I'm not much of a dress girl but they have been really comfy! Madison is staying very active and I've noticed here lately that she's a lot more active during the day for hours at a time. She has also become more active later at night(10-12) and earlier in the morning(6-8). I hope this doesn't mean that she's not ever going to sleep! My heartburn is also getting worse and worse. I am now having it everyday so I'm keeping stock in Tums! Other than all that, everything has been great! I can't much complain about this pregnancy. It's been really great and I love being pregnant and feeling our little girl bouncing around inside me. I gained a pound this week, weighing 119 and an inch in my belly so it now measures 35". Our mission in the next week is to buy her dresser and possibly a glider. Also find a pediatrician.. I have my biweekly checkup tomorrow so we will talk to the doctor about the pediatrician and see our next step with that.

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