Friday, March 1, 2013


Happy March.. March!? Our girl will be a year and half old in 5 days.. Where does the time go?

-We had a fun trip to TN last weekend.
-We have our beach trip in less than a month. Feels good to have something planned already.
-Picked M up some Summer clothes, bathing suits, toys and a float for the indoor pool for the beach at a consignment sale. Only thing I didn't find was a dress for Easter pics.

-Madison picked up a nasty cold somewhere, including fever on and off.. Poor girl :(
-I have a massive knot in my shoulder. I got a last minute massage and it helped a bit but today it's back just as bad. Biofreeze and heating pad for me.

Instagram Friday

Our view from our cabin in TN

This girl had the best time here. A pizza place called Big Daddy's. Our waiter was real nice and gave us $12 in tickets to use in the nice arcade there. We spent about $3 out of pocket and got her a little Abby Cadabey doll that she carried around the rest of the weekend. Also, twins?

Mommy and Daddy time after the babe is in bed

The view would never get old.

Sweet tooth corner. Always happens on vacation. Cupcakes, cheesecake, suckers and a caramel apple. I love some Gigi's cupcakes!

Only our daughter would want a 'snake' ornament. This girl loves snakes. If she thinks it's a snake, it's a snake!

Sick girl:(

I love the extra cuddles and Wilma just wants us to move.

A sucker at 10am? Whatever our sick girl wants!

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