Friday, March 8, 2013


-Saw my mom, niece, great nephew, sister and her new boyfriend and my BFF on Monday.
-Madison's Easter/year and half pictures are this weekend.
-Local consignment shop opens today!
-Madison is still sick :( She is playing normally and her appetite is back but still coughing and stopped up.
-Knot in my shoulder still hurts. Got another massage for Friday. Hopefully it will go away after this one.
-I have a huge to-do list today. Hoping M will hold off being grouchy so I can get things done!

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Sent Alan a picture of Madison playing her "inside/outside" game, saying she obviously felt better....
I need all the facts.(Alan's is the white bubble)

Light snow on Saturday

While I do want her better, I sure will miss the extra snuggles.

Madison eating breakfast at her table

Sweet girl knocked out in the car

A very blurry picture of her playing in her ball pit.

Our insane March calendar.

My insane to-do list. I did get 3 things marked yesterday thanks to Nimmie/Madison day.
The "cupcake" was for Madison's 18 month birthday which we decided to go out to eat and was going to get her a cupcake for dessert but we had to pack up and leave half way through since she decided to be buck wild for her birthday. Sigh

Our year and a half old

I was putting up her clothes in her room when I heard her jibbering. I figured she was okay so I kept doing what I was doing. When I got done I come into the living room to find her reading to Wilma. Seriously. What a good kid!

Tough Life.

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