Thursday, March 21, 2013

New look!

My friend, Lauren, over at Xo Gingersnapps, kindly offered to make me a blog and Facebook header. I had no idea the direction I wanted to go but I knew I wanted 3 birds. After putting the tree decal in Madison's bedroom before her being born, I have loved birds. Her bedding had birds on it and I'm just drawn to them now for some reason. Lauren added all the other pretties on there for me. Pretty well for not knowing me in person, right? I've always wanted a header but never had access to make my own. I appreciate it SO much, Lauren! Please go visit her page by clicking her name above. She's a very religious wife and stay at home mother who also bakes and cooks yummy things! She's very sweet and I know you'll like her!

I also added an Instagram widget so now it shows a preview of my past few pictures on the right side of the page.

If you get email updates and want to see my new blog's face, click HERE


  1. Love!
    I'm on the list to get a new look in April with someone! I can't wait!


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