Friday, March 22, 2013


-Did some yard work Sunday. Yard work is good for the soul.
-Did some rearranging of our house. Amazing what a difference it make. See changes here
-Had some girl time on Saturday with my BFF. Always needed.
-Blog got a facelift thanks to XO Gingersnapps! She offered to make me a header and even included one for my blog Facebook page! Make sure to look at it here and make sure to go follow her blog here.
-picking up our Easter/Spring pictures today
-started Jillian Michaels killer abs. My buttbone was sore for 3 days. Not my abs.. my tailbone. weird.

-Alan and I both still have a bit of the crud. Aggravating. Go away!
-Found out Tuesday I have to have a tooth pulled and an implant put in. Not looking forward.
-I have had a pretty hard time finding a place to put my phone videos on a cd/dvd. My computer is too old to handle it so I've been using our video camera to record them off my phone. Horrible but at least I will have them if Youtube ever shuts down :)

Instagram pictures(follow me here)
I have done a horrible job of Instagraming this week. I've only kept up with my March challenge.

Love driving Alan's truck for the XM radio only. The 90s station takes me back to High School.

Trees and sun

Cameron and Sierra blanket.

Dip baby dip

This stage of toddlerhood is fun. She's trying to form sentences. This sentence?
"Mama, coat, cold, pretty" So cute.

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  1. "Yard work is good for the soul?!" Then, lady, step right up to my yard...your soul will thank you, lol. It is in a transitional phase now.
    Keith chopped down three bushes in front of our house last Saturday, and it looks embarrassing. EMBARRASSING.

    I am so sorry you are having a tooth pulled! That is a true crappie! I had that happen to me about 8 years ago, but never had an implant for it.

    I have the crud now, also. Although, I don't feel bad, just a disgusting cough that rattles the entire building every time I expel one.

  2. Yes. I love working in the yard. I cut down our other 3 rose bushes Tuesday! Are ya'll replacing the bushes or just trying to redo it?

    Thanks.. Yeah it sucks big time. Do you just have a hole now? I can't do that being that it's my incisor. Sigh.. I'm not excited about it OR the bill that comes with it. Insurance sucks.

    Hope you get better! At least you don't feel bad.

  3. Love the new header! So bright and fun! Ahhh...yard work and girl time...totally refreshing and good for the soul. Bummer on the tooth. I'm sorry. I just had some work done and I hear ya sucks. You need some scheduled girl time after that appointment!

    1. Thank you! It is VERY fun and a much needed pop of color! Girl time after the dentist sounds great! :)

  4. The header is so cute! Feels like Spring!

  5. I love your header! I am in need of some good girl time! Have a good week!

    1. Thank you! Girl time is always much needed, right?


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