Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter and Friday...2 days late :)

Happy Easter!

 Hope ya'll have a great and DRY day. It rained this morning but has cleared up. Madison got up and saw that the Easter bunny stopped by. We will dye eggs when she gets up from her nap and then go out and hide them.
Here's her basket:
A Mickey mouse book, a book for bathtime, Minnie Mouse bubbles, sidewalk chalk and some bracelets and rings.

 We got home from the beach Saturday but I wanted to include my weekly Friday post. I didn't take my computer so I couldn't add pics.

-A week trip to the beach
-Madison's first time in a real swimming pool
-Madison LOVED the beach!
-Got my dentist appointments set for my temporary partial and Implant scheduled. Super nervous but at least I know when it is.
-Real nice weather at the beach

-Power outage at the condo Sunday morning
-Having to come home from the beach

Week in pics 
(I'm not posting all of my weekly pics since I will share some in our beach trip blogs.)
Anybody that knows Alan, knows he loves all things Nike(except their shoes) So naturally while shopping, Madison kept pointing and saying "Nike" over and over. I looked over and saw this. It's obviously a Nike check.. duh.

Wilma on the way to the beach

Pretty much

This girl loves to swing.

Found a new game

Did this while Madi was napping. It was SO nice out that day. That's juice, not wine.. :)

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