Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What we have been up to

I apologize in advance for the horrible dark phone pictures and then brightened so you can actually see them. I was too lazy to get out my big girl camera.

Rearranged our bedroom. Brought our extra tv down to put in there. Madison likes it ;) 
(Wall color is Sherwin Williams  Mystical Shade 6276-2nd pic a better true color)
Madison approves

Moved Alan's grandma's chair from our bedroom to his office. I miss it but there was no room.

 Moved this table from our BR to the kitchen. I actually really like it here and it matches the table.
 Wall color SW Krypton 6247

Took this picture from our Laundry Room and hung it in the kitchen

Got this fishing basket from Alan's grandma's lake house last year. I had it under a table for decor but who knew it'd make the perfect toy box?

I found a big tote at a consignment sale for Madison's books so I used that one for the playroom and brought this basket down to hold her books in the living room
-worked in the yard a bit Sunday. Alan cut the side grass while I cut our roses down and then he finished cutting them down to the ground. I'm about a month late but these roses have taken over! Got the 4 rose bushes in the front done. 2 more in the back to do.

-Tried a new church out Sunday and liked it. Plan on returning.

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