Tuesday, April 2, 2013


We, along with Alan's dad and step-mom, came down on Saturday. To our surprise, our condo was a lot nicer than the pictures led to believe. It was overlooking the 18th hole. The neighborhood was nice, with a nice playground, swings, putt putt course and several restaurants to choose from.
Our view

Saturday, we didn't do a whole lot. Sunday morning it was still raining and our power went off for a few hours. The neighborhood was a mess! They finally got our lot cleaned up on Thursday, but all the main roads right away. Alan's brother and his girlfriend came over and we all went out to supper that night to McConkeys. 

Monday we stayed around. Tuesday morning, Alan's dad and stepmom left around 9am. After M's nap, I took her into "town" to walk around shops and we got some ice cream. Alan stayed at the condo and got some rest.

Wednesday we went into Charleston to take Madison to the Children's Museum. We grabbed a bite of Japanese and a trip to Target to replace a frame Madison broke at the condo. I have a separate post coming with pictures for this day :)

Thursday-I have a whole seperate post coming for this day too. We took Madison to the local indoor pool. To say she loved it was an understatement. We then played putt putt and went to the beach to try to see dolphins. We then ate at Whaley's. It's the local hot spot and the food was great. Alan got crab legs(which Madison wanted to play with right away) and I got Alamo wraps which had chicken, beans, spinach and peppers in a wonton wrap. M got grilled cheese which she didn't eat. 

Friday we had plans to go to breakfast but Madison woke up at 11pm Thursday and we put her in our bed where she slept till 5. She got up, restless. Alan got her up to change her and lay in the other room(it worked earlier in the week) and she threw up. He brought her back in our room for a PJ change. Wilma started going nuts so Alan laid on the couch to calm Wilma and M finally fell asleep in the meantime. We got up, still debating whether to go eat and Madison threw up. Like projectile, exorcist type stuff. It covered her, Alan, her diaper bag, the chair they were sitting in AND Wilma even got some on her. Cue unexpected bath time! She acted fine and even played in the bath. She got out and ate some dry cereal and was fine! Crazy girl! After making sure she was okay for a few hours, we decided to go to Sea Cow for a late lunch and then take M to the beach since it was so nice out. She loved it! She loved throwing sand everywhere and walking around picking up shells. We also were able to bring Wilma off the leash and she had the time of her life too. The part of the beach we went to didn't have crashing waves like last year so she loved it. There were also no less than 5 dolphins swimming around. Of course, I left my camera at the condo and didn't get any pics.
After lunch we went to a shop and found Madison this necklace. She loves wearing it! I figured she would break it before leaving the store but it's still in tact! She woke up from her naps asking for it. Sometimes she even wears it Rambo style.

We had a real nice time. The neighborhood was real quiet and it made a great loop just big enough to walk around. The playground was real nice for Madison to play on. Though there's not much to do in Edisto other than about 3 shops and 4 restaurants, it's a good place to just relax and take it easy!

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  1. I love Edisto! I used to spend every Fourth of July there!

    1. It was really nice! Thanks for stopping by!


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