Friday, April 19, 2013


 I love having weeks with more Peaks than Pits :)

-Booked our photographer for Madison's party in September. Yep, I'm that crazy mom.
-Received Madison's Birthday Girl shirt that I won on Ebay. Told you I'm crazy....
-Planned a surprise for Alan for the week of our anniversary and I'm pretty excited about it :)
-Went to church again on Sunday and we liked it enough to keep going.
-Racked up on good deals at Goodwill and a consignment shop for both myself and Madison
-got my tooth pulled Wednesday. So glad that's over. I'd also like to have a pill form of that anesthesia, please. I don't remember much of anything and even after getting home was a blur. I slept like a rock.
-getting my other incisor bonded Monday to fill in the gap and hopefully fix my smile, finally!

-I'm not liking the partial I am wearing. They filled in the gap between my teeth with pink gum colored material and they didn't make it tall enough so when I smile be, my lip gets caught on the top of it.. I went to my dentist Thursday and he is fixing it Monday after it's healed a bit.
Week in photos
I took a ton of pictures this week. If you want to see them all, follow me HERE or go to our blog page and check them out on the right side of the page.

The shirt mentioned above :)

Working on a gallery wall leading up to the playroom. I'd like to add about 6-8 more frames.

Silly girl

She loves her jewelry, hat and Mickey/Minnie shirts

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