Friday, April 5, 2013


To say that Alan and I are so over this week would be an understatement. Happy Friday! Not many Peaks this week other than our usual blessings. It's been a doozy, ya'll.

 -Madison hasn't run a fever since Wednesday and her appetite is slowly coming back

-I got the first step done toward my oral surgery.

-an unexpected Pedi appointment after Madison ran a 103 fever Sunday and Monday morning which showed her first(and hopefully last) UTI :( Also, they had to catheter her which was pretty tough to watch

-She's also still been waking up in the middle of the night and sleeping in our bed when she gets up. Some nights she sleeps perfectly and other nights she squirms and grinds her teeth all night. One night, she cried on and off all night.

-Tonight should be fun. We are going to have to retrain her to sleep through the night. She's got to stop keeping us(and herself) up at night.

-This weather has been insane. Warm enough for short sleeves one day and a sweater the next. I'm ready for actual Spring!

-I somehow lost a pair of jeans since our beach trip. Luckily, I left one pair at the beach and she is shipping them back. I have no idea where the other pair went. 

Our week in Instagram pics

Saw 2 skydivers(other not pictured) on the way home from the beach. Random.

Sick girl eating jello mixed with black beans and fruit. Yuck, I know. We were just trying to add some nutrition.

One of our better nights.

One of our not so great nights.

Waiting at the dentist office. Yuck.

Soaked my ring overnight. I seriously love my ring. I love it even more when it sparkles this much. The sapphires actually look blue. :)

What'd your week look like?

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  1. Glad that your little girl is feeling better. Good luck on the sleep training. Have a good weekend!

    1. Thank you! She cried a bit last night but slept through the night until 9. Hoping she won't cry at all tonight! :)


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