Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter 2013

She woke up running a 103 fever on Easter.  It finally broke after her first nap so we decided to dye eggs and go outside and hide them. She loved walking around looking for them. 

We also got her bubbles and sidewalk chalk. We had more fun with the chalk than she did but she loved the bubbles. It was windy so she just had to dip it and hold it up. The bubbles I got made super bubbles so it was a lot of fun for her!

See Alan's Mickey Mouse?

Thankful they are washable :)

We also have our 3rd generation of Killdeer birds that laid eggs in our yard! I love these birds so much and I'm glad they've migrated to our neighborhood. We now have about 7 birds total! We checked on the eggs yesterday and all 4 eggs are hatched!  I love that the mom and the dad stay together and take care of the babies.

They do this when you get close to their eggs. They act like they are hurt so you don't think they are appetizing.

We put a flag up so we know where they are when we cut grass.

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