Wednesday, April 17, 2013


  • .. if I watch Full House any time I see it on.
  • ...I ate 2 Skor bars Sunday.
  • ...I held up a dressing room for 30 minutes. I can't help I had a buggy full of stuff and they only allow 6 items at a time.
  • ..every time we go into a store, Madison automatically says "suckey" (sucker) and starts looking toward my purse.. someone is spoiled by eating suckers when we go out(it keeps her happy).
What are you saying SO WHAT! to?

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  1. My daughter knows she gets a sucker at the doctor's office. It's a literal meltdown if I can't find one.

  2. Ha! Olivia looks for tic tacs.

    1. Awful right? I gave her a ring pop this morning to be good at the dentist. He walked in and I said "don't judge me" lol


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