Monday, April 8, 2013

Edisto beach day

Madison's first trip to the beach was last August. She was 11 months and not even walking yet so she didn't love or hate it. The owner of the condo suggested going to the local Beach access to watch the dolphins come in around 6pm. We headed that way on Thursday and were thrilled to see a non-shelly beach. Last year when we came, we went to the main beach which is covered in seashells. You can't even walk on it without shoes. It wasn't crowded at all and was relatively nice out. We saw a chartered boat come out and assumed it was a dolphin tour. Sure enough, as soon as they came out. I saw a dolphin tail right out in front of the boat. Alan didn't see it and I didn't get a picture :( The boat hung out a bit and then went farther out into the ocean. I never saw anything else.. Boo! 

We then took her back Friday afternoon. It was in the 60s but still a tad chilly with the ocean breeze. She didn't care. We kicked her shoes off and let her dig with her shovel and bucket. She wanted to walk around on her "tip tip" (tip toes) on the brush the sea had brought up. She liked picking up shells and putting them in her bucket. Chasing the sea gulls was so funny to her.

These pictures are from Thursday.

See her frog Abby in Alan's pocket? That's her new best friend.

It's so fun to watch her just fall in love with something. She laughed and smiled and dug around. She had so much fun. Anyone that knows us, knows we aren't beach people.. I'm afraid this little 25 lb person might just change our mind :)

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