Friday, April 12, 2013


-Got my garden planted. 8 tomatoes, 4 bell pepper and 4 banana peppers
-Also planted some color in the front landscaping and all of our containers and baskets!
-Madison's appetite is back to normal and feeling better.
-Nothing to be majorly concerned about on her kidney ultrasound. Will know full results today or Monday.
- This weather has been so great. M loves being outside and so do I!
-Madison has been sleeping through the night all week, except Monday!
-Met with a Moms playgroup Wednesday and may end up joining the group.

-2 of my plants have already died.
-only 5 days until my dental surgery. Blah!
-Madison had a nightmare Monday night and ended up in our bed. Grinding her teeth.
-The cats fought for 2 days after their annual vet appointment. Gosh, that's super annoying.

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I was one of the 830,281 people at Lowes on Friday buying flowers.

This child is obsessed with Fun Dip.

That moment you are ready for bed but you don't want to disturb the peaceful cats.
(this was before their appointment)

And another trip to Lowes to get more flowers, vegetables, sand, dirt and paint. Alan's is in the background painting Madison's growth chart board, which we have yet to put up.

The cutest little yard worker there ever was. This girl loves working in the yard and playing in the dirt!
How cute are toddler Crocs?

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