Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A trip to Duke University

We were up in the area and decided to take a walk around the campus. We ate lunch out in a rocking picnic table and then went into Cameron Indoor Stadium(the infamous basketball stadium). I'd never been inside before and was pleased the door was open. Sorry for the horrible pics. I forgot to bring my real camera and only used my phone. Blah!

 You walk into the court and you can just see all those Cameron Crazies jumping up and down, screaming, while wearing blue wigs and their bodies painted blue. Standing on the court, the stadium seems small. I can't imagine how the players of the opposing team feel when all the players are wiggling their fingers when they are making a free throw shot. 

Getting read for her free throw shot!

I haven't truly sat down and watched a full Duke game in years. Probably since JJ Redick graduated years ago. I'm a horrible 'fan' but coming here made me excited. Anyone wanna give us tickets to the UNC/Duke game here next year? Thanks :)

Miss Duke Basketball


She loved walking along this feeling the letters.

Tiny girl in a big room.

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