Friday, April 8, 2011

New paint!

So we finally, 3 years after moving in, painted the walls! Well, we hired someone to paint the walls. :) If you've been to our house, you know that every room in the house was builder beige except Alan's office which is a light blue/silvery color. I have all of the color swatches below each picture and the colors are listed in the details.. All colors are Sherwin Williams.

Our living room. Looking for a picture to hang to the left of our tv cabinet. This color is 6163 Grassland.

 The front door/living room. The weird shaped wall to the left and the wall leading up the stairs are a different shade than the rest of the living room. The weird shaped wall connects to the hall, which I wanted a different color. It's 2 shades lighter than the living room, but on the same swatch. It looks like a big difference in this picture but it doesn't really look this different in person. The color is 6169 Sedate Gray.

Laundry room. This is the original color I had picked for the baby's room but after we looked at some crib bedding, we decided to go with the color we finally chose. I liked this color so much, we painted the Laundry room that color! I have since added a vase with flowers and a picture to the shelf and the shoes and balls are now put away.. I hope to get some bins to organize better. I also hung the picture below from this post across from the washer. The color is 6679 Full Moon.

The Dining Room. I think this is my favorite room color in the house. I picked out this color early last year and decided to go with it and I'm glad I did. It makes the dining room so warm! Color is 6128 Blonde(the center swatch)

The Kitchen! After getting our tile backsplash last year, we couldn't decide which color we wanted. We had picked out a sage green before the backsplash and then when we got it, realized there isn't a spot of green in the tile. This color is growing on me and will look a lot better once we get artwork up. I think I will love it then. The color is 6247 Krypton.

 The baby's room! As said before, I had picked Full Moon(yellow) for this room since I was determined to have a hot pink and yellow room for a girl after seeing this room online. I do still love that nursery though! We obviously haven't done one thing in the babe's room since we are waiting to find out what we are having to start buying furniture and everything so it will stay this way for a few more weeks. It is actually closer to the color of the swatch below. The lighting was bad. Color is 6729 Lacewing.
The baby's/guest bathroom. I wanted this to be neutral since our guests' use this bathroom and I'm not huge into theme type bathrooms. Once we find out what we are having, we may lean toward that gender in the color selection but it won't be any themes. I do love this color though. 6086 Sand Dune.

Our bedroom. I am loving this color too. I had originally wanted to do our room a really light concrete gray and the bathroom this color but I'm glad we decided to do it the opposite. We are completely grayed out now! I will be on the look for new bedding and curtains(our current ones are really dark gray) but I still love these for now. I'm glad we decided to paint our tray ceiling too. And I'm trying to decide what artwork to hang over the bed. I'm thinking 3 11x20 frames with black and white pictures in them of us and then when baby gets here, switch them out for pictures of us with the babe. Color is 6276 Mystical Shade.

Our bathroom. For some reason the lighting made it look like we don't have a blind on our window, but there is a Roman Shade there.. not sure why it disappeared. Alan was real skeptical about having gray walls with brown tile but our tile and counters have gray swirls through them and I think it turned out good and will look even better when we get matching curtains and towels. The little room beside our tub is our toilet and it's the color of the bedroom. 6724 Destiny.
On a side note, we went to the doctor today and had a great report! Baby's heartbeat was in the 150's and we will find out April 22 the gender of our baby!

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