Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Meet Wilma

Wilma was originally our neighbor's dog and her and their other dog free roamed the neighborhood. Anytime we were outside, they were over here. Sadly, their other dog was very territorial and kept attacking Wilma. We witnessed 2 fights and I don't wish that on anyone. One day they had enough and was going to get rid of Wilma. We weren't looking to get another dog but we had grown so attached to her that we decided to make her ours. We didn't want to mess Micki and Toby's relationship up by throwing Wilma in the mix and putting her in the fence, so we decided to make her a house dog.

That's Wilma smiling. It's so funny. You can leave the room for a few minutes and return and she smiles like she hasn't seen you all day. Wilma has had a pretty rough life too. She was outside in August 2011 and a truck pulling a trailer went down the road. Something struck and she decided to chase it, clipping the trailer and breaking her leg. You can read the whole story here, with updates here and here. We are happy to say that she's fully healed and you'd never know she had a rod in her leg for 14 weeks!

She loves Alan. I mean, if she was a human, she'd want to marry him. She follows him around and if he's in the house and she can't find him, she goes nuts running from room to room. This dog loves to play and swim. She loves to ride and loves hiking! She is a nature dog and loves rolling around and wandering around sniffing every blade of grass.

She's had to get some battle wounds from fighting removed and she has this stupid eye allergy that she gets every year(which we just treated again). Here lately, she's wore her E-collar more than not and her hair is falling out of her leg-hopefully due to the medicine for her eye. 

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