Friday, February 8, 2013

Happies and Crappies and Instagram Friday

-We booked a week trip to the beach in March!
-For some reason our washer decided to work so I was able to get all of our clothes washed.
-They replaced our washer's board on yesterday.
-Madison did real good while grocery shopping yesterday. She usually wants to hold everything she sees.

-I have been in quite the funk lately.
-Alan was out of town one night this week
-I took M to gymnastics 30 minutes too late this week. Luckily the next class was 3 year olds and the teacher let us join. So embarassing!

Instagram Friday

Like a true proper girl, she opened her peanut butter sandwich and proceeded to lick the inside of it. 
That's my girl.

She's for hire.

 Do I have something on my face?

Sierra basking in the sun


Got all of Madison's clothes entered and most of the labels printed(need more cardstock) and put on her clothes for the consignment sale in March! All I have left is some toys and shoes!

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What did your week look like?


  1. We do happy/crappy's at our small group at church! It's our favorite. :) I love when appliances randomly start working again!

    1. It's neat to look back on Friday to what happened good and bad over the week! I'm not sure what happened with the washer.. so weird! Wish I'd known 2 laundry mat visits ago though :)


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