Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wilma update!

Wilma had her 14 week checkup yesterday. A follow up from the last appointment where they took x-rays and the doctor wanted the actual doctor that did her surgery to look at it and make a decision. We were very surprised when the doctor said he was going to take off the whole fixture! After talking with the doctor and leaving Wilma since she had to be sedated, Alan and I were able to go on a breakfast date at this yummy local restaurant. We had expected to leave Wilma until 12 or 1(her appointment was at 8) but they called us at 10 and said she was ready. After a short trip to Carter's to find Madison a dress for her Christmas pictures this weekend, we went to pick Wilma up. She was so groggy from the sedation. We brought her home and she's been doing great! The pink bandage in the picture is from the IV. I went to take it off and she wouldn't let me! I guess she's like her daddy.. Get stuck with a needle and wear the bandage till it falls off. We are keeping her crated for at least 3-4 weeks and are increasing her activity very slowly. The doctor said we can start walking her to the mailbox now. We are so thankful she is alive and able to walk. We will never let her roam free again and encourage anyone that lets their dogs roam free, put them on a leash. It takes just a second, even if you think the dog is under voice command, which Wilma is, but she just got in that zone. Thank you for all of your prayers for Wilma and keep them coming! It's going to be a long rehab process for her to be able to play. She still has a slight limp so we are hoping that goes away over the next few weeks.

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