Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Happy 17 months, Madison!

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She points to her hair, head, eye, nose, mouth, ear, teeth, shirt, pants, toes and belly when asked.

Her sleeping was all over the place this month! We finally let her "cry it out" after two weeks of here and there sleep. She cried hard for 45 minutes then slowed down. She finally got quiet after 2 hours total. She has slept all night every night since then! She is also back on her napping twice a day schedule. Thank God!

She is now standing from sitting without pulling up on something. I saw her do this months ago but I think it is just too easy to pull up on something.

She cut all 4 of her first molars in her 16th month.

She started gymnastics and seems to love it, except when she's sleepy.

New words this month:

Moon (even the sun is the moon)
Some pictures and videos

Being silly


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