Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Meet Micki

(I was requested to do a blog post on each of our animals. I will space them out with one animal per week)
I got Micki when she was 9 months old. She is now 10. She is an AKC registered black lab. She has had a rough life and let me tell you about it..

At a year old, she was in my fence at home. She decided to climb the fence(we had one piece that was about 3ft tall and I'd seen her climb the fence once before) and she got out. The day before, her ID tags had come off of her collar and since there were no places to get a replacement in the small town I lived it, she didn't have her ID on her. Freaking out, I called the pound to see if they'd picked her up and sure enough, they picked up 'a dog that had been hit' and took her to the one vet in the small town. A vet that wasn't her vet and doesn't have a good reputation for treating animals. I called the vet and they had her and I went to visit her the next morning since it was too late to go that day.

I was so sad to see her sedated on the table. The vet said that she'd broken her front right shoulder and he needed to wrap it up for 3 months to heal. She needed to stay inside and keep it clean, so I did. At the end of 3 months, I took the wrapping off and her leg dangled there. No life whatsoever. I knew it wasn't good and took her to her vet for a closer look. After a quick x-ray, the vet said it was not her shoulder, but her elbow that was broken and that the leg needed to come off. The vet kept her and amputated her leg. She even said that once the leg was off, she tried to realign it and it wouldn't realign. She said since the vet improperly diagnosed it and wrapped it wrong, it healed wrong. I feel terrible that she's dealt with this and I know she has slowed down so much. Sometimes I just cry when I look at her and I'm crying as I type this out.

Her journey doesn't end there! A few years ago, she went for her annual and her heart worm test came back positive. I've had her on preventative since I got her but obviously something happened. She had to go through the treatment which can be deadly. They want you to keep the dog as calm as possible and well Micki doesn't know what calm means. She's as hyper and hyper gets. She made it through that with no issues!

Fast forward to the next summer. We took Micki and Toby for a walk down the road. While walking, Micki yelped and started limping. I noticed her foot was flopping around and we lay her down and her foot is sliced! Alan carries her to the car and goes back to find what she stepped on-a broken coffee mug thrown out on the side of the road. She has surgery to repair and she gets put in a cast. The cast actually rubbed a hole in the pad of her foot so she was put on a metal splint. Her foot healed up but is still not back to normal. Sigh.

Micki loves to be petted and will just lean against your leg all day for you to pet her. She's very sweet and loving. She loves to go on walks and swim(yes she can swim!)


  1. She is so sweet and so blessed to have such a good, loving human mommy! :)


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