Friday, February 1, 2013

Happies and Crappies and Instagram Friday

Happy February ya'll!

-Madison has slept through the night since Sunday night!!
-She has also napping twice a day! Woot!
-Forgot to add last week that we have booked a mini vacation for next month to TN!

M has come down with a runny nose :(
-Our washer died Monday.
-We've had to visit the laundry-mat twice.

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Instagram Friday time!

 Fruit goatee

Our drug of choice about once a week here lately

This was the day after M was up all night. We were all tired, piled on the couch.

Nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby

Thanks Bilo for strategically placing these by the register. Impulse buy.

Coupon clipping while M plays.

Got my first Bzzkit from You fill out really quick surveys, they use that info and send you free products to try! My first one was a razor that I really like! Plus they sent about 10 $5 coupons!

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  1. We've been hitting up Little Caesar's a lot lately as well.


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