Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Goodies

We don't usually buy each other gifts, but instead we go out to eat at a nice place. We do get each other cards :) We did buy Madison a few things though. 

Alan got me and M the hearts. She got her very first Vday card from her friend, P. The button was in her card and she wore it out for a bit Thursday and then she opened the other card that evening.

We also got her a Dora coloring book and a Thomas the Train book with flashlight/sound handheld thing. She carried that flashlight around the entire day.

Her cards(minus one)

She helped me make homemade sugar cookies Wednesday night but I didn't bake them until after she went to bed so I gave her a small one after her lunch. She loved it :)

..and of course, holding a book.

This has been her favorite book this week. Nevermind it's a Christmas book. She loves the flaps in it and pointing out the cat, mouse and balls.

 We decided to go to a local Italian place for a good salad and we will go out, just me and him, this weekend.

I am so blessed to have 2 amazing Valentines and I love them both with all my heart!

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