Saturday, February 2, 2013

Madison's favorite toys(16 months)

Melissa and Doug shopping cart
Melissa and Doug is the God of Toddler toys. They make the best stuff. I knew I wanted to get her a shopping cart for Christmas but all the ones I found were plastic and flimsy and she pushed down on them when she pushed it so it would flip over. I had given up. Until one day at the library I was talking with some moms about Alan wanting to get Madison a train table and they asked if I'd been to the local toy store downtown. So we went right after story time to look at the tables and came across this buggy! It's a bit pricey($60) but it's a made out of metal. It also serves as toy storage downstairs. :)

Since a baby, Madison has loved books. Since day 1 we have read her books at nap and bedtime and we owe it to that. Now she loves to grab books and jibber jabber her way while flipping the pages. I love that she loves books!

Leap Frog house
This was an impulse buy for Christmas. I think it was randomly laying somewhere and we thought she would like it since it had a ton of buttons, doors and sounds. She loves this thing! She carries it around. It has a lot of sayings and songs and buttons on each side. It keeps her entertained in the car too!

Toys R Us microwave
She loves putting her play food in here. You press the buttons and it sets a timer. The start button turns the turntable, light and timer on. It beeps when it stops. The timer is sped up.

Fisher Price Doctor kit
This comes with a play stethoscope, thermometer, bandaid and needle in a cute carrying case. She loves giving "shots" and going "owww" hehe

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