Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Meet Toby

We got Toby from the Humane Society when we moved to where we currently live in 2008. We wanted Micki to have a friend and he seemed to be a perfect match for her. He is a lab/shephard mix and is now about 6 or 7 years old. 
He is a very loving dog. He loves to be petted and to just sit there and let you pet him. However, he hates Madison. I can't take her on the porch or within his line of sight because he barks his head off! A vicious bark, not a curious bark. I'm not sure why he doesn't care for her but he makes it known that he doesn't!

He never sits down and constantly goes back and forth. He's a very busy dog.

You can tell that he loves Micki. She loves to just flop down on him and chew his ears and he just lets her. The love to lay together in the sun. I love those freckles on his nose :)

Toby had to have a couple of teeth pulled last summer and he was a trooper! He has the worst teeth! He's the only dog I've known that won't chew on bones. 

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