Friday, October 28, 2011

Wilma update

We took Wilma for her 12 week checkup to see how things were progressing with her leg. At her 6 week visit, the doctor said where the bone was broken was healing but there was a crack around one if thr external fixtures. In the past 6 weeks, Wilma has used that leg more and more, swatting with it, running out the door, putting that foot up on her crate when she gets excited and laying on that side. They x-rayed it and said it looks great! Showed us where thr bone was healing nice and said one of the pins is loosening around where the crack was. The dr decided to leave it alone and he wants the original surgeon to look at it in 2 weeks and he feels they will start taking the fixture off a little at a time! This is am xray of her leg.. Looks scary! All of this will eventually come out. Thanks for the prayers! So glad for good news!

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