Thursday, October 6, 2011

Random pictures of Madison - Month 1

These are just some very random pictures of Madison through out her first month that I've taken with my phone.. Some of these ya'll have seen. Notice how she looks so different from picture to picture.

I love her look in this one. 

 Ms Wide Eyes

Madison and her Aunt Amanda(Crystal's best friend)

Sweet sleeping angel

This is how she sleeps if she's not swaddled.. She has crazy hands!

On a walk in the neighborhood with her mommy

Bedtime with daddy.. Notice the hands.

Crazy hands again.. In a zoned out sleep and the arms are just a goin'

..and then she found her thumb.

Another crazy hands example. Even when she is swaddled, she manages to sneak her hand out.. 
Maybe she'll be a magician.

Madison laying in my lap on her Boppy pillow and Cameron crawled up to lay with her.

If this isn't a "Crystal" look, I don't know what is.

Showing off those mile long legs.

Having a hippie day

 I could snuggle with her all day!

  This is so funny!

Our Baby Gap model in her first pair of Gap jeans.

I love when she wrinkles her forehead.. It gets all squishy and kissable!

 With her Poppy (Crystal's dad)

The cutest butt you've ever seen! Love these pants!

"I'm the other woman in daddy's life besides mommy"

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