Thursday, October 13, 2011

Madisons schedule- Day 1.

So I had my 6 week post delivery checkup yesterday and everything went great. The Dr had a counseling session with me, as I'm sure he does with all new moms. Or at least I hope he does. He really emphasized for us to stop rocking her to sleep, for her to start sleeping in her crib and putting her on OUR schedule versus the other way around. You know, all the wrong things we were doing that every parent does.. Every parent, right? Right?

After coming up with a schedule for her with Alan, I put her down for a nap in her crib at 12pm. She cried for 45 minutes, slept for 10, then cried another hour. I got her up at 2, even though she hadn't slept. I fed her and we played, went on a walk and sat on the porch until 4 when I put her back down for another nap.

She cried for 2 hours. I got her up at 6 and me and Alan played with her until his mom came over at 7, then she played with her until Madison wiped out around 7:30. They left and we gave her a bath and put her to bed at 8. I decided to sleep in her room so I could keep an eye on her if she choked.

She cried until 8:20 and just laid there, quietly looking around until 10, when she fell asleep! We decided we would get her up at 12am and 4am to eat. Well when she started whining it was already 2am! She slept 4 hours in her crib! I got her up, fed her(she only ate an ounce) and put her down at 3. She cried for 10 minutes and then was back asleep. I knew it was too good to be true. She woke up crying at 3:30 and didn't stop until I got her up to eat at 6:45. she would stop if I put the pacifiar in her mouth but she can't hold it great yet and it falls out every 10 minutes and I decided I can't get up and down to put it back in every few minutes plus I don't want to teach her that she can't sleep unless she has it in her mouth. So I let her cry... She has now ate 2 ounces and is knocked out in my arms( I'm on my phone blogging) since we have to hold her upright 15 minutes after she eats because of her reflux.

So her schedule today is to get up in 20 minutes at 8am. Stay up till 12(have a HUGE feeling she wont make it) Sleep from 12-2 in her crib(HA!) Up till 4. Sleep from 4-6(ha!) Up until bedtime at 8. Up to eat at 12am and 4am.. Repeat. I have such high hopes.. Give me strength!

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