Monday, October 24, 2011

Tahoe no more....

 As I blogged about before, Alan bought a 2011 Tahoe in January.  It all started with the day we bought it. We had to wait about 3 days to get it since we bought it just before the big ice storm. In a 4 week span, he had taken it back to the dealer 3 times to fix some rattles, popping noises and a tear in the leather in one of the seats.

Then in February, he got rear ended at a red light. That started the chain reaction of events. He took it to another Chevrolet dealership to get the bumper replaced from the wreck(where we bought it doesn't have a body shop). When he went to pick it up, they had just painted over the spot on the hitch, without sanding it down. It was the first thing he spotted, of course. He went back inside, got the Manager, and showed it to him.  He took it back in to fix it and when he was done, brought it back out and pointed out a paint run on the back passenger door handle (manufacturer defect). This is when my phone rang and he was livid! They called Chevy to set up a time to get that spot fixed. They sanded the paint run down, Alan saw it and did not approve, so they decided to sand and paint the entire door. Went to pick it up, seemed to look okay and drove it home to only notice that the window on that side looked like it had been sanded as well. And upon looking closer, the paint job was very crappy with bubbles all in the paint. At this point, he was beyond frustrated with the body shop and went back to the dealership we bought it from, complained to the sales manager and he said he had a body shop that he could send it to. He left it at that body shop for a week so they could repaint the door and replace the window(which still squeaks to this day).

About the time it started warming up, Alan noticed the air conditioning wasn't getting cool enough. Took it in for service and they said the thermostat was bad, so they replaced it. Then the 'penny in a can' rattle started... oh boy. He spent many a night driving around our neighborhood trying to pinpoint it, even having his very pregnant wife leaning over the console and in the floor trying to find it. Took it back to the dealership where they replaced the fuse box with no luck. Then replaced replaced the entire parking brake assembly with no luck. The rattle was still never fixed. Over the next few weeks, a wind noise started developing on the drivers side. Took it in for it's oil change (Alan noticed this was the 3rd service manager he has dealt with since January-he probably got them fired) this past Monday and told them it was still rattling. He came out and said he found 2 areas and repaired them... Alan had hope.  He texted me and said "Optimism, I think they found it" and I texted back "Who, you? I doubt it's fixed". He got in the car to come home and it was still rattling. Turned around, took it back and they wanted to replace a piece of trim. Went back Friday to get trim put on and it still wasn't fixed.

That brings us to 9 months later and the reason for this blog:

Alan has a new toy..

3 days later and no rattles yet. Here's hoping!

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