Tuesday, October 11, 2011

1 month milestones

I know she is only a month and not much happens that young but there have been some changes in her short life!

-Appearance. She changes daily! She barely looks anything like she did the day she was born. Her eyes are getting lighter around her pupils and I think they will be like Alans, dark blue with green around the pupils. Her hair has went from strawberry blonde in the hospital to blonde to light brown. Her eyelashes are long and turning brown. Her eyebrows are still blonde though.

-Sounds. She hasn't starting cooing yet but she has definitely added some different noises to her vocabulary.. And speaking of noise, she has really become the cryer. We bragged so much about her in the hospital saying "she's only cried 3 times in 2 days!" Well now shes not afraid to cry. Granted she only cries when she's sleepy or hungry so it could be much worse.

-Bathtime! She seems to actually enjoy baths now. We got her very first bath on video(blackmail?) and she was NOT a happy camper.. Now she just sits in her tub relaxing..

-Growth. She's growing like a weed! She is now 10 lbs(8.1 at birth) and much taller! She has outgrown the newborn pajamas her Nimmie(Alans mom) bought her the week she came home. Its the length that is too small, not the size.. She can now wear some 0-3 months clothes and even some 3 months.. She has also gone from a newborn diaper to a size 1..

Sleeping/eating- she did great her first week with napping during the day. Then the 2nd and 3rd week she didn't nap at all and wanted to eat every hour. So the 3rd week(last week) we assumed she wasn't getting enough food. I was exclusively nursing so we didn't know how many ounces she was getting and she tended to fall asleep while nursing. So I went and bought a daily use pump and have been exclusively pumping and bottle feeding this past week and it's really helped I think! We now know she eats 3-5 ounces every 3-5 hours. It has helped her napping during the day a LOT! It has also allowed Alan to feed her if I have things to do and also help feed her at her 7pm and 10pm feedings so I can get some sleep.

Schedule- we have been trying to keep her on a loose schedule so she is not eating or napping all day and it helps keep her days and nights straight. She goes to bed roughly 7pm. Wakes up at 10 and sometimes wants to eat and sometimes just wants to be rocked back to sleep. She typically eats 0.5-2 oz during her middle of the night feedings. She is then back up at roughly 1am, 4am, 6am and I will finally get her out of bed and change her clothes at 9:30am. Then I keep her awake about an hour. She loves sitting in her Boppy pillow looking out the window so I will do that while I shower, eat, pump, read to her or play with her stuffed animals with her. She usually then naps from 11-12 or 1. Then awake for another hour where we usually sit on the porch or go on a walk in the neighborhood. She loves being outside! She's usually back down around 2 for another hour or so and then back down at 5 for an hour and half. I usually lay down with her at her 5:00 nap since I'm usually running out of energy by that time. Then Alan gets home between 5:30-6. He usually holds her a while, feeds her at 6:30 and rocks her to sleep around 7-7:30. Repeat.

-Movements. She is now moving her head with her eyes. She watched me walk out of the room the other day and when I returned she was still looking at the doorway so I walked to her opposite side and she turned her head to follow me. We also think her vision is becoming more clear, that she can see further now. She loves looking around and is very alert when she's awake. She is also holding her head up pretty good. She is still a little wobbly so shed not ready for her Bumbo seat but it won't be long! Her arms and legs are constantly moving when she's awake. And even asleep sometimes! If you are holding her, watch out cause she will likely punch you!

Smiling/laughing. She started smiling in the hospital. She typically smiles the most when she's falling asleep but has become more of a social smiled this week. Certain times when we give her kisses or make funny faces she will smile. I have heard her laugh 3 times and they gve all been in the middle of the night at a feeding and she is usually nodding off asleep.

In other news, she gets her first round of shots on the 27th and we can't wait! We will be so glad to be able to take her places!

In Wilma news, she went for her 6 week checkup the week Madison came home and the bone that was broken is healing good but it appears she has a crack in the bone around the bottom pin on her leg so the doctor stressed we keep her as confined as possible, which we have been. She goes for another xray on the 28th, her 12th week since the accident. Hopefully we will have good news and maybe they will start taking that fixture off. Be thinking of her and us as we go to the Dr. Hoping that crack is healing!

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