Saturday, October 15, 2011

Madison's schedule..

I want to preface this with this;

We know Madison is only 6 weeks old and a schedule sounds crazy. We are in no way starving her if it's not one of the times we would like for her to eat nor are we keeping her awake if she's sleepy. Example-she ate every 2-3 hours today and napped afterwards every time. We are mainly focusing on her sleeping in her crib for bedtime and will worry about her routine(or lack thereof) later. We just want her happy and full! :)

With that said, she seems to be adjusting to sleeping in her crib at night. The past 2 nights haven't been perfect but they are getting better. She will lay down around 7 or 8pm, wake up around 10pm to eat then lay back down and sleep till 2-3am, then fall back asleep till 5 or 6am. After 6am, she doesn't want to sleep in her crib, so we have let her sleep in our bed.  This morning she slept from 7am-10am and yesterday she slept from 7am-12pm in our bed. Not sure what it is about that time frame that makes her unhappy about sleeping in the crib but we are working on it.

I actually slept in our bed last night with Alan for the first time since Wednesday. He got up with her around 1 or 2am and stayed in her room until 6 this morning. Once we move her to our room she's perfectly content. Now if we can get her to nap in her crib during the day, I would feel much better! She will nap fine in her little rocker bassinet but once you lay her in the crib, within 5 minutes on the dot, she's crying.

We are taking baby steps to reach our goal of somewhat of a routine.. I know everyday isn't going to be perfect but I'd like to start at least getting her up and having her bedtime at the same time every day/night. But right now, if she wants to sleep till 12, fine by me cause that means I can sleep till 12! I'm still catching up on sleep from the pregnancy!

I'll end with this picture I took today in her Carolina Cutie outfit a friend of Alan's gave her. She's growing up so fast and I swear she gets prettier every day!

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