Thursday, October 27, 2011

Madison's 2 month checkup

 So Madison had her 2 month checkup this morning.  To say I have been really nervous about this appointment is an understatement.. I think Alan was secretly nervous too. I even cried yesterday just thinking about her possibly crying for hours after getting her shots. To my defense, I was watching "My Sister's Keeper". Which I highly don't recommend if you a) have kids and/or b) hate crying.. If you like crying, I highly recommend it. So anyway, Madison did great at her appointment! She weighs 10.6 lbs (8.1 at birth) and measures 22 1/2" long (20 3/4" at birth). She is 40% in her weight, 50% in both her length and her head circumference. The doctor said everything looked great with her and said how pretty she was. I'm sure they call all babies beautiful but I like to think they don't and only thinks Madi is beautfiul :)

Then come the shots. She was already fussy when we went in since she was up from 6-8am and she was napping when we left at 8:30 and I woke her up then she fell asleep in the car only to be waken up and stripped down in a cold doctor's office. It's a cruel world, I tell ya.

They gave her one shot in her right leg and 2 in her left and an oral dose.  She did cry with each shot but by the time the nurse was ready to give her the next one, she was done, only to cry again, stop and cry again. We both did fine with it and Madison is sporting some pretty cool band aides to show how tough she is! She was asleep by the time we checked out and is still asleep 3 hours later! Maybe she should have shots everyday? :) Kidding... kind of.

The shots given were:
-DTaP (Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis) 

-Hepatitis B

-Haemophilus Influenzae Type b (Hib) 

-Pneumococcal Conjugate


She goes back for her 4 month shots(same round she got today) December 28 and we are seeing the doctor that saw her the first day in the hospital, which I'm excited about because I really liked him, even though I would like for her to have a woman doctor.  We are in a practice with 9 doctors. At this stage in her life, I don't think she minds either way. 

 I leave you with cuteness :)

One of her favorite things to do. Sit in her Boppy, looking out the window. This allows mommy to do things around the house. I was folding clothes during this session. 
7 weeks 1 day.

 I thought this was funny. I'm not a huge fan of this outfit because she looks like a boy but I bought it before we knew she was a girl. Plus Halloween is coming up so I can get away with it.  We were sitting on the porch - another favorite activity of hers- and she made this face.. Scarier than the monster on her shirt. 
7 weeks.

 This was taken this morning about 7am. She's such a morning baby!  Little did she know that she would be getting shots in a couple of hours. 
7 weeks 2 days.

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