Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sweet Wilma

As most of ya'll know, our dog Wilma was in an accident a last Sunday. When Alan cuts grass, Wilma free roams and follows him. The past month or so, she's gotten bad about chasing after white trucks. Well a white truck came down the road pulling a trailer and she chased it and clipped her leg on the trailer. I was inside visiting with a friend and a guy came to the door and told me that Alan needed me. We took her to the emergency vet/hospital in the next town over. We called them on the way and they had a room ready for her when we got there! She seemed to do okay on the way over there, wagging her tail and giving Alan kisses. They x-rayed her and told us her leg was broke, which we already knew it was. Said they were going to keep her overnight and a specialist would do surgery Monday morning on it. When we left her, she was very sedated but doing okay. We went back the next morning to speak with the surgeon and he went over what he would do. He said it wouldn't be a good idea to come see her that day so she can rest. After the surgery, he called to say it went well and she was resting. He said he put a rod in her leg and they decided to put an external fixture on her leg. He said we could go see her the next day and he was pleased with the way she turned out. Tuesday morning he called to update me and said she seemed to be a little behind in progress but was overall using the leg a little, but stated she was in a lot of pain and that could be a lot of reason why. We decided to go up there around 3:00 and she gave us really big smiles when we got to her! She stood up, using that leg and the nurse asked us if we wanted to take her out to potty. When we took her out, she mainly used the 3 legs but stepped on her hurt leg every few steps. After she pottied, we let her lay in the grass for a good bit and she really enjoyed that! After we were done visiting, the surgeon told us they would probably keep her until Thursday. We requested he update us on her condition Tuesday night. He called around 7:30 and said she was doing great- much better than that morning. He said her face was a lot brighter. He said he would call us Wednesday morning with another update.

He called around 9 Wednesday morning, and much to our surprise, he said she could come home! He said he personally took her out to potty that morning and she used her foot every step she took, as long as she walked slow. He said as long as we had some blankets to switch out since she was draining a little and watched her carefully, that she was fine to come! He said her progress was where she should be at that point and he was very pleased! We went to pick her up around 2:30 and she was so excited to get to go on a car ride!

It is now 7 days since since her accident and we think that today has been her best day yet. She's been doing really well overall though. She is slow going in the mornings but we think it's because she's been 8 hours overnight without medicine and her leg is stiff since she's crated while we sleep. We take her out again around lunchtime, around 5-6 and then again before we go to bed around 10. Alan rewrapped one of her screws last night because the drainage has collected and was really smelly! Below is a picture of Wilma's fixture. I didn't take a closeup of it for obvious reasons. And we want to thank Melissa for moving our lawn mower out of the front yard and say we are sorry she had to be here to witness the whole situation.. And for the use of her crate so Wilma can sleep in the room with us at night.

Wilma will have to be confined for at least 10 weeks. We take her back to the Dr for a checkup this Thursday so we are hoping for a good report! Just keep praying for her healing!

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