Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Social - September 15

1. What is the name if your blog? Alan and Crystal

2. What do you love most about blogging? Sharing things that happen and being able to look back and re-read things or when I need to know something.

3. Why did you start blogging? So our family and friends would know what was going on with us.

4. What is something you’d want to tell someone just starting out in the blog world? To blog whatever you want to talk about. My blog has hopped all over the place before. I don't think all blogs need to have one specific topic that they talk about.

5. Biggest blogging learning experience you’ve had? People do actually read your blog and enjoy it :)

Sunday Social


  1. It is still surreal for me to know that people actually read my blog. Although, not very many people visit, I am thankful for the few that do. I hope your blog grows and you find wonderful bloggy friends.


    1. Thanks! Most of my traffic is family through email and friends on Facebook. I get a few more than the 13 followers daily.


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