Friday, September 20, 2013

In August, I did...

 Gosh I didn't realize I had not done my update. I know you were waiting on pins and needles!! I keep saying this but I'm for reals this time. I haven't felt good the past few days and I am feeling just kind of blah. Like I'm missing something. That something is a little walking in the neighborhood. Getting my heart rate up and maybe listening to some non-Barney or Mickey music.

Done.. sort of. I hate exercising but I am walking in the neighborhood a bit more.

-Along with that goes eating better. For us and Madison. I would like for us to snack on fruit and nuts instead of Doritoes and Sprite.  I picked up lots of fruit at the store and got Madison some healthier snacking options. Her snack bowl was being overrun by sugar filled gummies, pretzel and cheese dip-its and goldfish. I blame thank Kari over at Better Together and Brittany over at A Healthy Slice of Life for posting their Munchkin Meals weekly post today.(Click their blog names to see what their kids are eating!) I will be finding, printing and making Madison some healthy snacks as well in the next couple of days. Go to A Healthy Slice of Life for some really great, healthy food/snack ideas for your kids. I will be pulling some recipes from there and will review them in the upcoming weeks/months.

Done. I have stopped buying chips, snacks and sodas. I stocked our fridge with bottled water and now buy more fruit and nuts than I did before.

-Figure out the route we want to go with Riley's room. Her walls are a silvery blue and I'm thinking hot pink accents. I found some cute polka dotted sheets at Target and thought that'd be a cute route to take. I love Madison's vinyl tree in her room(see below) and would like some sort of non-tree vinyl for Riley's.
Pretty much. The same color walls with hot pink accents. She has hot pink curtains and bins in her cubby. The owl picture has hot pink in it and the birds have pink. I don't do cartoon themes. I want the girls to be able to grow with their decor.

(This is now hanging on the wall)

-Schedule another date night with Alan. In July we went out to a seafood restaurant while his mom had Madison. Royal at Royal Proclaims told me about a yummy newish restaurant in our area that we need to try.
Done! We went out for our birthday's the middle of August. We did go to the restaurant that Royal recommended and it was SO yummy! It's probably a new favorite. It was nice enough to sit outside and there was a guy playing live music. The food was great also. 

-Try to schedule a mini-vacation or a week long vacation before December. Also, book our annual Christmas tree trip.

Not done. Trying to figure out exactly what days we want to take our tree trip.

-For goodness sake, get Madison's 2 year photobook caught up and possibly start Riley's 1st year. I need to get with it!

I haven't even looked at it! With all of her birthday planning and party going on, I've just let it slip my mind. I will hopefully be done by Christmas :)


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