Monday, September 9, 2013

Birthday fun!

The day started out with a bang. We woke up to the a/c not working. Alan made a call and had someone out here around 10:30. Which was also the time we both had planned on taking cupcakes to Madison's school to celebrate. A birthday party without air on Saturday would not have been fun, so I told him I would go to the school and bring Madison back home after. I took cupcakes and fruit to their snack time at school and sat there while they ate and chatted with her teachers. 

 When I left close to 10:45 or so, I brought Madison with me. Our air got fixed and our plans changed slightly. With some rearranging of some things, we left to have a late lunch around 2. We ate at a local meat and veggie place and Madison ate her weight in veggies! They then sang to her and brought her peach cobbler. She loved the attention! This is where she also sat there and counted to 10 on her own. Alan and I just looked at each other and said "Did she just count to 10?!"

We then headed to the Children's Museum which is about 30 minutes away. We had never taken her to that one and she had a good bit of fun! They gave her a Birthday button and she was off to play!


She loved the light peg wall!

After the Museum, we decided to go downtown and get her a cake pop at a local bakery.

See what she picked out at the Museum?  That's my tomboy!


This is her saying "No, Daddy" when Alan asked her for a bite

 After we got back, we dropped Madison off with Alan's mom so she could spend the night and let us get ready for the party! I think Madison had a great day! She loved when people sing "Happy Birthday" to her. She had a great time playing on the slide at the Museum and eating that cake pop(before she dropped it). Another great birthday for her and memories for us!



  1. We need to take little man here. I just fear germs, you know? I guess it's better to take him now than when Flu season really hits hard, lol.

    1. It was just okay. The one in Charleston was more geared toward her age. He may like it better than she did. Even the slide upstairs had a really steep ramp that she had to literally pull herself up. The water tables are too tall and the seated one that she's in above was almost too small for her. Let me know if ya'll go and how he likes it.


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