Saturday, September 7, 2013

Happy 2 years, Madison!

Happy 2nd Birthday to our girl! It's been a pretty amazing year. You have blossomed into this tiny little person with a huge personality. You are so smart, funny and loving! You are a sponge when it comes to saying things and your memory is crazy! We hope this year has been fun for you and can't wait to see what this next year brings! We love you so much!

We had some huge milestones this month!

First time forward facing

First Haircut

Started Weekday School

First ferris wheel ride

Doesn't everyone eat cheese in the pool?

Meeting Geoffrey at Toys R Us.

A Target must.

Who is this girl that looks 5 years old?!

(Sorry so blurry, my phone couldn't focus in the dark.)
That's some good sleeping!

Last day of gymnastics

First 6 word sentence


She wanted all of her bows in her hair and then fell in love with the reverse camera on my phone.

"Baby Sister"(Riley's ultrasound picture)

Her Daddy and almost every other person in her life will love this :)

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